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Last updated: 03 september 2011
Sybase ASIQ Quick Reference Guide
The "ASIQ Quick Reference Guide", which you can download below, was written by Raymond Mardle. Please contact the author directly if you have any suggestions or comments.

For a full IQ quickref guide, covering IQ 15.4, go to

The current version covers ASIQ 12.6. It can be downloaded in MS-Word format(WinZipped; 57 Kb), or PDF format (450 Kb)

The old version for ASIQ 12.5. is also still available in Rich Text Format (WinZipped; 45 Kb), or PDF format (130 Kb)

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Printing instructions
  • Print the file. You may need to adjust the page margins or the space between the columns if it doesn't print correctly; there should be about 7 millimeters (~ 5/12 inch) free space at the left and right margins. If you can't get it printed correctly, you can always change the lay-out to 1 column/page, and so some manual cut-and-pasting.

  • Fold the printed pages, so that there is one column on each folded side.

  • Staple all pairs of pages together at the left-hand margin (if you don't like the sight of those staples, put a bit of sticky tape over them).

  • Cut off the blank bottom part...

  • .... and that's it.

Quick reference guides are also available for the following Sybase products:

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