Sybase ASE
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Last updated: 30 April 2000
Workload capture with ASE auditing
"Auditing" is an ASE security feature.
When enabled, the auditing subsystem collect information about events that occur in the server, and writes these to a special database named sybsecurity.

Practical applications of auditing
While auditing was designed for security purposes, it can also be used in different ways. Below, you can download two tools (qextract and qreport) which are based on the auditing functionality. They let you perform a simple kind of workload capturing, which may be helpful for performance troubleshooting or for supporting an ASE migration project.

In a nutshell, these tools can be useful when "cmdtext" auditing has been enabled. The qextract tool reconstructs the original T-SQL commands from the sybsecurity database and puts these into a file which can be re-executed against the database, thus replaying a series of T-SQL commands that have previously been captured by the auditing system. The qreport tool can extract some useful statistics from the output of these replayed commands.
For more detailed information, see the README.html file which is part of the downloadable archive.

Download & installation
The tools can be downloaded here . After uncompressing the downloaded file, see the file README.html for detailed installation and usage instructions.
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