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Last updated: 21 October 2012
Some tips on becoming a Sybase Certified Professional
As there seems to be regular interest in issues related to becoming a Sybase Certified Professional, here are some of my own personal experiences and opinions in this area (note for UK readers: please stick to the common American meaning of the word "certified" ;-).


Attaining a certification for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Sybase IQ or Sybase Replication Server should not be taken lightly. I'd say you need significant practical experience with these products in the first place; let's say at least 6 months of full-time experience before taking the test. This means you should have a version of the software available to work with: you can get a free version of ASE or Sybase IQ (though these come with some limitations, but these are not relevant for the exam topics).

In addition, you'll need to spend time on studying the documentation: you'll find that there are many features you've never used, and you need to fill these gaps in your ASE/IQ/RepServer knowledge. It's not required to follow any official Sybase Training Courses, but it will certainly help to get into the details of many features.

For each certification exam, you should carefully examine the topics listed on the Sybase certification web pages for each exam. Topics not listed will typically not be covered in the exam.

In any case, you should check out the information about certification-related issues on Sybase's own web pages at, as this will answer many of your questions.

Also, here is a very good presentation by Sam Lakkundi (August 2002) which also contains some useful guidelines and suggestions (this presentation is ZIPped; 330Kb).

For preparation, make sure you have the ASE System Admin Guide and the Reference Manual handy, as well as the Performance & Tuning Guide for the Professional-level exams. You can download these manuals as PDF documents from the Sybase web site. For more info, go here.
Also, I have published rather complete, fit-in-your-pocket quickref gudies for ASE, IQ and Replication Server, which may be useful when preparing.

As for the exam questions, in my opinion, the ASE certification exams for older versions like 11.0 and 11.5 put too much emphasis on nitty-gritty details that don't always seem relevant to real-life situations. For example, I recall a question about the different types of cursor that exist, (do you know them all ? hint: there are 4 different types…) while normal ASE users would probably never need to bother about this anyway. Also, some of the questions try to trick you into a wrong answer: I remember a question where the clue lied in spotting the fact that an ALTER TABLE statement to add a column to a table didn't include the mandatory NULL keyword at the end. From this observation, you could then find the tricky-worded correct answer.
For the ASE 12.5 and 15.x exams, as well as for the IQ exam, the quality of the questions has improved; there is more emphasis on testing your understanding and less attempts to make you trip over some silly detail. Note that this certainly does not mean that the exams have become easier!

The RepServer exam is pretty hard, in my opinion. This is probably just a reflection fo the fact that RepServer itself is not the simplest and easiest product around. You will need to study pretty hard for this exam, and remember of lot of syntax and details.

Changes in the certification process by April 2012
With the integration of Sybase into SAP, some aspects of the certification process have changed: as of April 1, 2012, the Sybase Certification program is managed by SAP Certification.
All exams will be delivered by SAP Education Centers and/or via SAP's certification exam delivery partner Pearson VUE (i.e. exams can no longer be taken via Prometric as previously).

In addition, a number of exams have been retired. The available exams for ASE, IQ and Replication Server are listed below.

Also note that the Directory of certified individuals is no longer updated after April 1, 2012. The final certification directory (as of March 26, 2012) is also no longer available online, but I saved a copy. Contact me if you need it, for example to use when applying for a job or contract..

Certifications for Sybase ASE, IQ and Replication Server
The following Sybase ASE certifications currently exist (see the official certification page ; note that this list is outdated).
  • Sybase ASE 15 Administrator Associate Certification
    (exam code C_SASEAA_15 (previously 510-025)).
  • Sybase ASE 15 SQL Developer Professional
    (exam code C_SASEDP_15 (previously 510-026)).
  • Sybase IQ Administrator 15.2 Professional
    (exam code C_SIQAP_152 (previously 510-702)).
  • Sybase Replication Server 15.0.1 Administrator Professional
    (exam code C_SRSAP_15 (previously 510-410)).

These are the Sybase certification logos for ASE, RepServer and IQ:

This is an old logo, dating back to the days of ASE version 11.0:

It has been mentioned that the SAP certification logos can also be used by Sybase Certified Professionals. However, as yet I do not have any information about these logos.

Practise tests
Once you feel you've prepared for the exams, I'd recommend to do some practicing. Some suggestions:
  • Sybase has made some free practise tests available, though not for all products, and mostly for older product versions: go here to download.
  • Check out my page with ASE quiz questions. Though these questions are in no way aimed at the stuff in the Sybase certification exams, they'll help to keep you on your toes....
  • The book "The Official Guide: Administrator's Guide to Sybase ASE 12.5" by Jeffrey Garbus & Alvin Chang, Wordware Publishing, ISBN 1-55622-307-2.
    This book contains an appendix with certification test questions; however, these questions are about ASE 12.0 and earlier versions; there are no questions about 12.5- or 15-specific features.

The Sybase certification exams
Sybase certification exams are not available from Sybase itself (although the exam questions are created under Sybase's responsibility); as of April 2012, you must take the exam from Pearson VUE; go here to register.

It doesn't matter where in the world you take your exams; the exam vendor will assign you a "candidate ID", which you should always specify when registering for a new exam. The exam results, tagged onto this candidate ID, are automatically transferred to Sybase; this way, Sybase knows when you've attained a certification and they'll send you a confirmation and some other stuff (see below).You must pay a fee before you can take an exam. This tends to be pretty expensive (it used to be something like $150 or your local currency equivalent; under SAP, the price seems to have gone up), and there's a limit to the amount of times you are allowed to take an exam: if you fail twice, you must wait some time before you can re-take an exam (see the Sybase website for details). This means there's not much point in just trying exams until you pass.

Members of ISUG (International Sybase User Group) used to get a discount on the price of a certification exam. Assuming that this discount will be continued after April 2012 (but that needs to be confirmed), here's yet another reason to become an ISUG member.

The exams are PC-based multiple-choice questions, which are in English by default. A limited number of exams is also available in local languages -- check with the exam provider. In the English-language exams, non-English speakers may find some questions extra difficult due to the wording which is sometimes not so clear for foreigners (actually, someone from Britain replied that he was confused by some of the questions -- see below).
An exam consists of 50 or 60 questions, for which you usually have something like 75 or 90 minutes, respectively (i.e. on average 90 seconds per question). This means you'll have to be able to answer half of the questions more or less immediately, or you'll get into time trouble. My advice: skip the questions which you can't answer immediately or mark them for later review.
According to the Sybase web site , you can get extra time when you're taking a non-English version of an exam. I haven't done this myself though.
The exam questions fall into one of the following categories:
  • "choose the best answer" : some questions are particularly nasty as all possible replies are valid in one way or another; still, you must choose only one (I recall a particularly ridiculous question like "The client-server architecture in Sybase SQL Server is designed to ..." and then all possible replies make sense). In cases like these, my recommendation is to try to select the reply that seems "best" from a Sybase company viewpoint; this seems to have worked for me.
  • "choose N answers" : you must select the specified number of correct replies.
  • "fill in a word" : you must type the correct reply, usually one word, into a blank space. I found this to be nasty questions, as I felt there were sometimes various possble words all describing the same correct answer. These questions do not occur anymore in the 12.0 and 12.5 exams.

The certification exam itself follows some pretty strict rules: you must usually identify yourself with two ID's (one must have your photo), and when you sign in, you sign a statement that you won't cheat. Cheating is quite difficult anyway, as there is usually someone around keeping an eye on what goes on. One time I did an exam, that person changed to another corner of the room every 5 minutes. I also had to leave my briefcase out of reach in the middle of the room, nor was it allowed to bring my own notepaper (they provided paper). At the end, all papers I scribbled on during the exam had to stay behind. In short: best don't expect to be able to cheat. Having said that, I've also done exams were the rules appeared to be less strict.

After the exam
At the end of the exam, your score is displayed immediately on the PC screen (except when it's a beta exam, in which case you'll only get your score at the end of the beta period). You'll immediately receive a printed statement with your score. This statement will only specify your score on the level of the exam topic categories, not on the level of individual questions. You're also not allowed to take notes about the exam questions home. This is because of how the exams work: for each category, there are a number of possible questions. When you do an exam, you'll be given a randomly selected question from that category. If everybody would write these down, it wouldn't be long before the entire set of questions would be known, thus making the certification exams lose their value.
Assuming you passed and qualified for a particular certification, after some 6-8 weeks you'll receive a colorful certificate stating that you’re certified. They’re nice to frame and put up the wall in your office to impress your co-workers; certainly take them with you when you go for an application interview (go to here to see what they look like). In addition you get a credit-card size version of this certificate to "carry with you at all times" (as they cover letter says -- presumably to impress your friends or co-workers...). Also, you're allowed to use the "Sybase Certified Professional" logo on your correspondence, business cards, web pages, etc.

If you have any questions about Sybase certifications, try sending an email to . If this doesn't work, try calling 1-800-879-2273 (within USA) or +1-509-328-2571 (from outside USA).

Does it pay off ?
So what’s certification worth in practice ? I don’t think you should expect an enormous increase in contracts, salary or hourly rate once you’re certified. In practice, the demand for Sybase expertise often exceeds the availability, so if you have at least some Sybase experience, you’ll probably get hired just as easily when your not certified at all. On the other hand, certification might sometimes indeed pay off directly (it has helped me occasionally). Still, I think the main value lies in the increased breadth and depth of your own Sybase knowledge, as you’ll be forced to get into details of those features you’ve never actually worked with before.

Good luck with your efforts to become a Sybase Certified Professional !

Other people's opinions on Sybase certification
Here's some feedback from other Sybase DBAs. Go here to add your opinion or experience.

Hi, I am planning Sybase exam, Can someone please brief me idea about hw to prepare for the exam and is there any mock test available as I am not able to get that. Many thanks in advance.
mohitgarg15aug (at) gmail (dot) com

23 December 2010

Is there any good books for certification ASE 12.5 and replication (purely for certification purpose). Can someone share the document or link at nikky1087 (at) rediffmail (dot) com

05 May 2009


I am new to sybase .i want the know how many exam is their for becoming sybase dba certifed.

Raj vora

raj.vora01 (at) gmail (dot) com

11 April 2009

Hi All,

I am thinking of appearing for sybase Certified SQL Developer for ASE 12.5 - Associate Level. Can someone guide me through like where it is conducted and how to apply. I live in Mumbai-India.


aditya076 (at) gmail (dot) com

06 July 2008

Certification always helps. It build one's confidence. This page contains good source of information consolidated in a single page. It helping me a lot to concentrate and prepareing for my ASE 12.0 Associate Exam.We should thank Rob for his efforts putting so much of details on this page. "Thank You Mr ROB"

+9193923 77228

22 March 2007

Can anyone please guide me for the Sybase ASE 12.5 SQL developer certification.

ash_narang (at) rediffmail (dot) com

21 March 2007


For sybase developer manuals are more than sufficient. I cleared this exam without any test material. Also take assement test at which is free of cost. It will be of great help.
Manoj Kumar

manoj_kumar (at) (dot) com

14 December 2006

Hi, I am appering for Sybase 510-410 exam for Sybase Developer.I am not getting proper study material. Plz help.

shahi_suman (at) rediffmail (dot) com

26 November 2006

Hi All,

All ASE exams, other than 12.5 professional level certification can be cracked with the help of manuals. However certain part of professional exam course is available in edb555 course only and difficult to crack without it.
If anybody need any help for ASE certification, please let me know.

Manoj Kumar

manoj_kumar_kushwaha (at) yahoo (dot) com

16 November 2006

hi anybody willing to share the practice exam CD with me. Like to know the experience of already passed out ones. Which books books to refer & practise sites etc. Help is apprciated. Thanks in advance. gopi

gopi123 (at) gmail (dot) com

16 November 2006

This is ravi from hyderabad, i need help to learn sybase ase dba, can any one help me?

plz feel free


29 October 2006

hi all i am searching for sybase DBA centres past one month. Anybody know please mail me.
By Ramesh

rramesh16 @ yahoo (dot) com

25 August 2006

I m an BMS Graduate(Banchelor of Management Studies)final year....
i want to persue my career as Sybase DBA professional.
As i m not from a Engineering background .can anybody help me out how should i go about it.
gowda.manjula @ gmail (dot) com

28 April 2006

Books related to sybase certification not available widley. This is a great difficulty compared to other products like Microsoft,Oracle, Java etc.


04 March 2006

Dear DBAs,

Recently I have achieved Sybase Replication Server Administration Professional Certification. Please follow thouroughly and especially Rob Verschoor Sir's before you schedule your certification test.
There will be no tricky or false questions except the answer should be delivered from expertise and experience.
I believe this experience is an expereince of expertise. I'm very happy to be a member of certified sybase professionals.

Thanks and Regards
Visweswar (vis4few @
+91 98842 76855

28 January 2006

I Want to Write ASE 12.5 Associate Level Examination. Please provide the information about training centers in India Around Bangalore and Hyderabad. Pls Contact me at :919886085479

kiran kumar

22 November 2005


I am planning to give sybase certification, (510-020) but could not find any practice exams on the web. Anyone aware of such exams kindly enlighten me of the same. Also, are there any study groups for sybase certification?



denscar_2000 @ yahoo (dot) com

04 September 2005

Any Sybase 12.5 ASE Admin ? Pls. contact me (Jai) @09880199866 (Bangalore, India)

11 August 2005

Hi there,

I will be taking the Sybase DBA exams for 12.5 soon. I have searched every poosible site for sample tests or documentation but can't find any. I have attneded the recommended course and have been working on Sybase for quite some time now. Going trough all 58 chapters is abit much but am scanning through it.
If anyone has documentation or sample test that could assist me would be much appreciated.


ketand @ (dot) com

06 July 2005

The information in this page is worth while. Also i would help all the persons looking forward to complete the sybase certification if you can provide with a sample question paper for the exams.


24 February 2005

With regard to the ASE 12.5.2 Professional Certification exam:

The practice exam:
--contains questions that are ambigously worded;
--contains questions for which the provided answer is wrong, contrary to the assertion on the sybase web site that the exam questions are never wrong. Normally you accept imperfections of practice tests without much thought. However, one of these questions actually came up on the actual exam. So I was left with the quandry: do I choose the practice exam answer, which I know to be wrong, or do I choose the correct answer, which may be incorrectly marked wrong?
--asked questions that were easier than the actual exam.

The actual exam:
--contained at least one question for which the provided choices which were worded ungramatically, at least to me as a native speaker of English;
--contained ambiguously worded questions;
--contained questions that required you to remember a specific value, i.e. did actually test memorization, contrary to statements about exam preparation on the Sybase web site;
--did not exhaustively explain any question, as the sybase web site on certification promised;
--asked questions relying on undocumented internals knowledge, questions that were in fact unrelated to server adminstration;
--asked questins which I found tricky. For example, there were questins requiring the choice of 2 correct statements among 5. There were 2 obviously incorrect choices, one obviously correct choice, with the 2 remaining statements close enough that nuance of the wording made it difficult to choose.

What was helpful was reading the manual entries for specific topics, especially new features.

In any case, I passed and then came to the sypron site to grouse about it.

david goodman

20 February 2005

Anybody is having sybase certification practice CD's of ASE 11.5/12.
I am preparing for exam. And let me know could you plz. share those CD's.
Early reply will be grateful.

viswanathanv_in @

26 October 2004

I have worked in Sybase more than 4 years in developer level . I want to be a DBA , I want some Good and easy material please help me some one .

debendra nath champati/debendra_champati @

31 July 2004

Pls. anyone who can guide how to prepare for Sybase Certification (DBA) with steps ...are their any free resourses on net other than sybase offical site....

vivek vivekbhargavas @ yahoo (dot) com

14 July 2004

The person like Rob / Anthony Mandic should collectively help the certification entrants on the examination questions and answers. If you look at the other databases for certification there are lot of resources are available. People can work in Sybase but examination is totally different.


06 April 2003

I've discovered that the days of the single-level 12.5 exam are basically over. What was the 'administrator' exam has now been downgraded in status to an 'administrator associate' qualification. According to the Sybase website, there's a 'professional' exam for 12.5 on the way. Anyone know any more details about that? Also, there's a new 'ASE SQL Developer Associate' exam available now, and that also has a professional level to follow. Anyone taken this exam yet?

phil staines, philipstaines @ hotmail (dot) com

30 March 2003

Just passed the 12.0 Associate exam (first time!). Onto the 12.5 single exam next. I found the practice exams very good for this exam. Firstly, I wrote up my course notes for System & Database Administration and using the guide to the exam layout, populated each section with stuff from my write-up course notes and also the answers to the practice exams. I also had the 12.5 practice exam which I added to my prep notes to complete the picture.
One thing to note. The number of questions quoted per section in the exam guide didnt actually match the exam itself. Mind you, there is an awful lot of overlap. A practice server to hack and crash is also handy.
P.S. Rob's quick reference guide is also very useful!

martin hanna

27 March 2004

Hi..I am new to SYBASE...Can anybody suggest me which certification exam should i go for? Please refer me some sites and fee structures for the same.... Thanks.......

- Yogesh (India)
yr03 @ softenger (dot) com

12 December 2003

I recently passed the ASE 12.5 in my first attemp.
I work more as a sybase developer than a dba but preparing for exam and getting it thru definitely helped me in understaning what i am doing currently. May be i had to put little extra efforts but i went thru sybase performance and administration manuals. I also used Rob's quick ref guide for my revision because scanning manuals for the second time was almost imposible.
I did'nt see the direct benifit of having a ASE 12.5 certificate yet but i found the process of getting certification more valuable.


09 December 2003

Thanks for posting valuable information on this site.I have completed ASE12.5 Certification exam. I am going to attempt, Sybase Replication Server Exam soon.

Certified Sybase ASE12.5 Admin

04 October 2003

I am wondering if any body (already passed the ASE 12.5 Exam) willing to share the practice exam CD with me? I am asking so, because the piece of practice costs more than us$110 ! (price+tax+dilivery). That is crazy. The Test software should be able to be installed on the second (my) PC. I am willing to pay the necessary cost.


walkee01@hotmail (dot) com

20 May 2003

Are there any sites where we can give free online test for sybase certification and which is a good book to be referred to for sybase certification?
Are there any free online tests available for sybase certification ...there are plenty for oracle or sql server certification but seems like very few for sybase?

17 March 2003

Hi All,

I have just completed ASE12.5 Certification (and proudly). I agree with most of what I have read. The exam was difficult (although basically fair). What made it hard was the guide given by SYBASE was too vague (and they were not keen to elaborate) and I found that some of the exam questions were outside of the guide's scope. The practice exams were very expensive for 50 questions and really not much help.
I tried looking for a study guide (e.g. examcram... would someone like to write one!!!) and additional practice exams but they just don't exist. Instead I had to print off about 1500 pages of manuals and pick my way through it, summarizing the points relevant to the SYBASE guide. Overall, I found it quite hard going !!!

ASE12.5 is a very good database and SYBASE market the certificate quite well, but the support/logistics to achieve certification is very limited. (cf ORACLE and MSCE)

Anyway, thats my 5 cents worth !!!!!

Laurence Beard

12 March 2003

I passed the Sybase 12.5 Administrator exam late last year and I found it very HARD. Getting to study every topic and keeping it all in my brain is getting harder with each certification exam. I've done 11, 11.5, and 12.0 certifications upto this point too. The good news is that I'm done with 12.5 certification. There isn't an Associate and Professional exam split anymore.
For those brave enough to try the 12.5 certification too - a helpful hint. I just bought the Official Sybase 12.5 practice exam from Sybase E-Shops. It hasn't been advertised on Sybase's certification website yet but it IS available to buy. I haven't tried it out yet but the previous practice exams were quite helpful to me. I bought it after I certified with 12.5 to help me with later certifications.


24 January 2003

i am microsoft certified and have an experience of sybase environnement. I would now, to take sybase certification(Administrator DBA), but, i can't have free test, for preparing. It's strange. I check all the web, but nothing.!? thanks to explain me why.

Badara Gueye

24 November 2002

Hi Sybase Lovers.
Have you read some more stuff on this site. I am stunned by the new reference book on 12.5, its so handy and useful. Must buy book.
As I said before, this site is very useful for real practical problems, there are some problems solved here which are not even mentioned in any of SyBooks.

- Arvind Bhanushali

07 September 2002

Hi there, Rob
Thanks a lot for your very carefully cut , reviews. I enjoyed the information you shared with me reg. Sybase certifications. There is just one thing. Your opinion about BrianBench's exam on Sybase are a little to critical. While you are correct that BB has started to charge for exams, kindly glance through their website again, and you would observe that the topics covered now as compared to hithero are more vast. I enjoy giving BB exams, cos like you said it is difficult to cheat and once answered is best answered. More than that BB is the very few websites that now offer CAT ( Computer adaptive Testing) hence if you find that Sybase questions are simple, consider also that you asnwered the previous question wrong, since the next one depends on the level you show in previous questions. Maybe you took the older tests. See why they charge. 'Course ...I am not a BB marketing guy, so I am would'nt say they are running a free lunch, but quality of those test have changed a lot.
Thanks for your advice.


31 July 2002

Thanks for this unusually frank, concise and well constructed site. I'm trying to decide wether to take Oracle or Sybase certification as a first step and think you may have just made up my mind! It seems to me that the main beef with Sybase is the complete lack of exam prep materials unless you are willing to shell out thousands on the courses and take wks off work. @ least Oracle have got this sussed.

jessicabosworth@hotmail (dot) com

13 July 2002

I would like to do my sybase adative server certification .Can you please tell me which book i can buy to prepare for test. And also where(which web site) can i get the book.

madhu_av@hotmail (dot) com

01 July 2002

This is Roger and the 2nd entry of mine. I can now and finally add Sybase to my other Oracle and Microsoft Certifications. I finally passed the Associate test. This time I took the 12.0 Associate and studied really really hard. Sybase has to have the hardest database tests. Anyways I am going to tackle the Professional in a couple of months but 1st I am going to order Rob's new book. Thanks for everything Rob.


12 April 2002

Thanks you for the excellent sybase ASE 12.0 Quick reference from your site. I feel similar guide on sybase certification (cramsession) would get more hits to this website.

OCP-DBA 8i/9i

28 March 2002

I have been certified in ORACLE OCP 7.3 - 9I and sometimes scoring into the 90%. I am almost done with Microsoft DBA.
However, I have failed miserably with Sybase 11.5 twice. I am going to attempt the Sybase 12.0 Associate soon.
Any tips, book recommendations, etc would be appreciated.


27 March 2002

I really appreciate the effort taken by Rob in providing all of us such valuable info about certification which is very rare.
I am planning to give 12 Associate exam and this gave me some insight about the exam. I have purchase the sybase practise exam CD and lets see how useful it turns out !!!!

dswagle@yahoo (dot) com

14 February 2002

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your web site, what it conveys, and its presence in the industry. Well done.

I just passed the ASE 12.0 Associates level (1/29/02) with the help of focusing on exactly what was outlined in the pointers on your web site, using your Reference Guide--especially the details of new features conveniently displayed as 12.0--and of course the outline from the sybase web site at and their manuals. It is also invaluable to have a test server you can use to practice with, break things, see what happens when something is not done quite the right way and so forth.

There is one thing on your web site which I see in a different way, however. Certification is definitely an absolute must for the junior to mid-level Sybase professional because in this time of economic uncertainty one can definitely get the edge with this credential. If you are a CTO or other hiring manager and you had to choose between two candidates...need I say more.

Thank you again,

Jamis Aaron Mack
Sybase Certified Professional

05 February 2002

I passed the associate and professional level tests for 12.0. I had a Sybase learning passport and went to all the relevant classes. I used the Sybase study guides. I used Rob's excellent Quick reference guide to learn the mechanics. I also bought a Linux system and installed 11.9 and 12.5 at home. I heard the tests were a bear and I wanted to make sure I passed.

Philip Lanks

19 November 2001

This page contains good source of information consolidated in a single page. It helped me a lot to concentrate and prepare for my ASE 12.0 Associate Exam. Now I am preparing for the Professional Exam. We should thank Rob for his efforts putting so much of details on this page.

There are two more good documents, I would like to share with all of you. I found these in the Techwave 2000 CD, which are helpful in preparing for the above exams:

1. 00Q304.pdf
Getting your Sybase DBA Certification
by David Straiton

It has a few sample Questions as well.

2. DM205.ppt
How to Successfully Take & Pass Your Sybase ASE Certification Exam
by Sam Lakkundi

It lists the exact exam topics which you are required to concentrate on.

Ravinder Singh, Certified ASE 12.0 Associate

21 September 2001

Editor's note: a more recent presentation (August 2002) is available for download here.

I am Oracle/Sybase and MS SQL Server DBA for 7 years. I am Oracle OCP 7,8,8i and Sun SCSA and SCNA 2.6. Two years ago I tried twice for Sybase ASE 11.5 Associates but failed every time by 1 or 2 questions. Then I gave up. But I still love Sybase. Too bad we do not have much certification resources for Sybase.

Arif Imam (USA)

05 August 2001

I've just passed the Sybase Certified Associate ASE 12 Admin and found it pretty tough. Having mainly worked with 11.x versions I found the emphasis on new V12 functionality/system limits etc to be the hardest factor and was glad I'd done a lot of manual reading beforehand.
I wasn't impressed with the Sybase practice CD, especially given the fact that it costs over 80 here in the UK by the time you add tax, postage etc. The same 59 questions in random order and at least one of these is wrong! I got proof of this in the exam when the same question came up and asked for one correct answer instead of the 2 requested on the practice CD! Anyway it was all worth it when I looked up on the world wide directory and saw how many people have bothered to become certified in the UK - not many!!

Now prepping for the Pro exam, good luck to everybody!


Luke Dolman

22 July 2001

Thanks 'Rob'. Its a really a best sybase site , I've ever seen. I think U've work a lot to collect all the usefull information in One Place. Keep it up. I'm also planning to start a website to help all my sybase friend as I'm working on Sybase from last 12yrs. Currently I'm building my website

Gaurav Mishra

03 July 2001

I have purchased the sybase DBA Prof, and Associate exam cd which cost me 90.00...but I was not impressed with these because they come with 59 questions and these questions are repeated over and over there comes a point where you are achieving 100 % as you know the answers by heart... I purchased another disk from a vendor in America called D.O.C and these exam question that they gave came in topics so if you were weak in one subject then you could revise and try the topics out.

26 June 2001

I'm a certified DBA from BrainBench I would like to go for SYBASE DBA, could someone please suggest some books and prep exams for the same

Mansoor Khan

31 May 2001

Thanks for the great information. I have not given sybase certificate examination but I am a sybase Developer and DBA and this information helps me a lot in day to day work
Thanks once again

Sumit Khedkar

09 April 2001

Thanx for some great information Rob, found your site extremely useful along with your complete quick ref quide which was published just in time for my Exam! :) Brainbench was good just to brush up on all sorts of 'general' SQL knowledge + some admin but to pass your sybase exam I would 'HIGHLY' recommend the Sybase Prep Exams. They really get your mind in the way of thinking for the actual exam, I found anyway.

Once again going for the pro cert next! ;)

Andy Gamble
Sybase Certified Associate, ASE 12

08 March 2001

Very useful information. I have passed Sybase 11.x from I am preparing for Sybase Certification Associate ASE 12. I would really apreciate If you can publish some more sites where I can get free tests and some good guidelines it would be much help to me and others. Thank you.

If anybody knows about any site that I can find questions related to the exam or demo test
please drop me a line at

Thanks Guys

"May the force be with you"

Gary Jacques

07 February 2001

Very useful info. I have passed Sybase 11.x from I am preparing for Sybase Certification. Hope by following your info it would help me to pass the exam. If you can publish some more sites where I can get free tests and some good guidelines it would be much help to me and others. Thank you.

Warren D. Rowland

23 December 2000

Certification always helps. It build one's confidence. This site is extremely helpful as a starting point towards getting Certification. This site also have some good stuff on Rep, P&T, ASE.
Really appreciate this site.

- Arvind Bhanushali

22 November 2000

Feel good on viewing your details to new sybase user. I appreciate you for your interest on us and SYBASE .
Wish you more enjoyment in working in sybase. Give your practical experience welcom . expect good suggestion to people like us who enter in to sybase world .

best ever
03 October 2000



27 August 2000

Certification is well worth doing, especially from a self-confidence perspective, but expect to put in a lot of work before hand or you WILL fail it. Don't relate the Sybase exams to that of Microsoft or Oracle, Sybase exams really are hard. Sybase like to test your experience and it isn't a case of reading the manual and breezing into the exam. If you do that, expect to fail.

The practice test, which you can download and contains 10 questions (Rob has explained about this elsewhere on his page), is very easy and should not be taken as an indication of the difficulty of the actual exam. The real exam is a lot hardy than the downloadable test. Use the download merely as a way of getting used to the exam delivery system.

On a final note, you can pretty much guarantee that if you meet a sybase dba, they won't be certified. Also, they will also probably 'intend' to take it but never get around to it. If you want it, go for it, but don't talk about it unless you intend to put some effort in and sit the exam!

Andy Price
Sybase Certified Adaptive Service Administrator - Associate v11.5

07 June 2000

The owners of this website are really good people that are willing to share experience with others
Thanks a lot for your help

Boris Lipsman

09 May 2000

This Certification test are really worth taking.I am CSP-DBA ,and questions are more tricky and needs thorough knowledge(what we do as DBA as well as we need to read each manual in detail).And ofcourse I agree with that more questions are not directly related to our day-to-day DBA work.I really appreciate this site.I also suggest that we need to focus more on sharing problems related to performance and tuning.


29 March 2000

I wish I'd found this site a year ago.  The descriptions of the exams here are accurate.
I would add that 'non-american' english speakers might find the questions a little ambiguous.  I am English and thought some the questions were very strangely phrased - even accounting for the fact that the examiners are trying to make us think!
I have the Garbus book and the test papers in the back are useful and overlap about 85ith the real System 11 exams. 
For complete novices I would also recommend the SKILS SUITE CD's available from Sybase - the interface is a little 'clunky' but there are some neat games that provide a different way of testing yourself.  It's not cheap but perhaps your company will pay ?
Raphael Moore. Cert. Professional System 11 Administrator
28 February 2000

I would definitely appreciate for this site. Really it gives us the indepth idea for Sybase certification whcih every Sybase DBA needs to know. Last week I have easily passed ASE 11.5 Associate (510-011) DBA Certificate exam and already I have passed Fast Track to Sybase 11.0 Certification. I am planning to appear for Sybase DBA (510-012) Professional exam.I have the folllwing Professional Certification.
a): Certified  Sybase 11.5 Associate Professional
b): Certified Sybase 11.x Fast Track to Sybase Professional Exam.
c): Master Sybase 11.x Certification from Brainbench(Tekmetrics) Inc.
d): RDBMS developer Certified by Tekmetrics Inc.
e): Unix Administrator Certifies by Tekmetrics Inc.
f): Powerbuilder 5.0 Certified by Tekmetrics Inc.

I have total 5 Yrs. of It Expericne.

Dilip ( )
17 February 2000

Unlike MCSE, I'd just say you do not need any single 3rd party books to pass the exam.  Only things you will need:

1. Study Guideline posted in
2. Sybase own course manuals
3. Read some topics in the reference manuals that are covered in (1) but not explain in detail in  (2)

I pass associate and professional exams in one try without any problem.

Ken Ho,
Certified Adaptive Server Administrator Professional
06 January 2000

Thanks for posting some valuable info on the web.  The author is VERY RIGHT about the Sybase's emphasis on T-SQL and other unnecessary tricks.  Less than half of the questions are directly related to what we (DBAs) do in the real life work environment.  I hope Sybase will relaize this flaw make it more practical (not necessarily easy) for the candidates to pass the exam.

Sudhakar Garlanka,

12 October 1999

Thanks for this great information. I have been always looking for someone who already passed the exam to give me some help and ideas about these exams. I always wonder why there is a lack of supplying these information from Sybase itself. If you go to a book shop, you will find alot of books to help you prepare for Microsoft, Oracle and Novel exams. But you would not find a single book for Sybase!!. I know the size of microsoft and oracle in the market is very huge. But I just ask Sybase to provide with each new release, in addition to the manuals, a book or more to help people to get certified and to include some sample exams and other things which would help.


06 October 1999

The page is an excellent source of all information needed to get certified, its precise and has the right details one would look for!!! I too didn't know about the websites that offer practise tests and I certainly agree that the tests are bummers even for very experienced people.

Arun Kamat
Cert. Sybase ASE 11.5 Admin Associate

06 October 1999

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