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2001 ISUG Outstanding Achievement Award
Career details
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Personal details
Name Rob Verschoor
Phone/Fax Please contact me through E-mail !
Nationality Dutch

Database consultant with more than 25 years of experience in international software industry for a variety of customers. Broad experience in software engineering, including team management, information analysis and system design responsibilities. Extensive experience with many software environments on various hardware platforms. Strong communication and self-management skills; will survive in complex and challenging environments.
Internationally orientated. Fluent in English and Dutch. Reasonable knowledge of German, Spanish and French.

Specialised in high-end consulting for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly Sybase SQL Server) and Sybase Replication Server, with emphasis on performance & tuning issues and troubleshooting. Author of various books and articles about Sybase ASE. Professional certifications on the highest level currently available. Experience with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise since 1989.

Career Overview
2012- Following the merge of Sybase into SAP, working as a Technical Director/VP in the SAP Global Database Solutions team for SAP database products (incl. Sybase ASE/IQ/Replication Server).
2011 Published the book "The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide".
Attained certification as IQ 15.2 DBA.
2005-2012 In 2005, joined Sybase Inc. as an employee, as a member of the Evangelism Group of Sybase. I have since suspended my consulting activities.
1997-2005 Sybase consulting in The Netherlands and Europe for a variety of customers, as well as presenting and publishing activities in Europe and the USA.
2004 Published the book "The Complete Sybase Replication Server Quick Reference Guide".
Attained certification as ASE 12.5 SQL Developer.
2003 Published the book "Tips, Tricks & Recipes for Sybase ASE".
2003 Attained certification as Replication Server 12.5 DBA/Administrator (as first person in continental Europe).
2002 Attained certification as ASE 12.5 DBA/Administrator.
2001 Received the International Sybase User Group Outstanding Achievement Award
2001 Published the book "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" (subsequent editions in 2002 and 2004)
2000 Attained certification as ASE 12.0 DBA/Administrator and ASE 11.5 SQL Developer.
1998 Attained certification as Professional DBA/Administrator for ASE 11.5.
Attained certification as DBA (Database Administrator) and PTS (Performance & Tuning Specialist) for Sybase SQL Server System 11.
1995-1998 ISO satellite operations project for ESA (European Space Agency) at Madrid (Spain), as freelance consultant.
1991-1995 Various satellite-related projects (for the EXOSAT and ISO satellites) for ESA at Estec, Noordwijk (NL), and NASA at Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland (USA), as freelance consultant. 
1992 Started own consultancy company: Sypron B.V.
1986-1990 Software Engineer at Logica B.V. (NL). During a project in 1989, worked with Sybase SQL Server for the first time (version 3.x on Stratus).
1986 Graduated in Software Engineering and Computer Science at HTS Den Haag (The Netherlands); degree "Ingenieur Hogere Informatika".

Sybase skills overview
Professional certifications on the highest level currently available:
  • Sybase Certified DBA for Sybase IQ version 15.2.
  • Sybase Certified Replication Server DBA for RS version 12.5.
  • Sybase Certified Professional DBA/Administrator for ASE version 12.5.
  • Sybase Certified Professional DBA/Administrator for ASE version 12.0.
  • Sybase Certified SQL Developer for ASE version 12.5 and 11.5.
  • Sybase Certified Professional DBA/Administrator for ASE version 11.5.
  • Certified Sybase Professional DBA (Database Administrator) and Performance & Tuning Specialist for SQL Server System 11.
Long-standing experience with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly SQL Server): since 1989, worked with Sybase versions 3.x, 4.x, 10.x, 11.0, 11.5, 11.9, 12.0, 12.5, and 15.x. Extensive experience with Sybase Replication Server versions 11.0, 11.5, 12.0, 12.1, 12.5 and 15.x and with Sybase IQ 12.x and 15.x.
Worked with Sybase ASE/SQL Server on many different hardware platforms, including Sun Solaris, Digital Unix, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows NT, OpenVMS, Data General Aviion, Stratus VOS, and others.
Also extensive general IT skills, having worked with a wide range of tools, programming languages, development methodologies and design techniques.
Involved with many different types of Sybase-based applications, such as high-performance, mission-critical real-time transaction-processing systems, large-scale data archives, data warehousing applications and replication systems.

2001 ISUG Outstanding Achievement Award
On August 13, 2001, during the Techwave 2001 conference in San Diego (USA), I received the ISUG Outstanding Achievement Award by the International Sybase User Group (ISUG). ISUG released the following statement:

"[Rob Verschoor has received the award] for his enormous support to the Sybase user community. Rob's web site offers information and tips on ASE and Replication Server that are not readily available. He is extremely active in various newsgroups with quick helpful support to our Sybase users. He has written six ISUG Journal articles and presented at many past conferences.
Rob is Dutch and lives in the Netherlands. He has over 15 years experience in the software industry. He is ASE certified and just recently published a Quick Reference Guide for ASE. He is the owner of his own company called 'Sypron' which is short for 'Solving Your Problems Now'."

These are some of Sypron B.V.'s customers:
  • adidas-Salomon AG (a sports equipment manufacturer, also known as the "brand with the 3 stripes", in Herzogenaurach, Germany).
    Performed performance tuning for a number of different ASE applications.
  • Flora Holland (formerly Bloemenveiling Holland) (the world's largest flower auction, located in Naaldwijk/Bleiswijk/Rijnsburg/Eelde/Venlo, The Netherlands). Resolved performance problems in various ASE applications, addressing issues such as query optimisation, deadlock prevention and data modelling.
    Performed restructuring/remodelling and migration of a complex replication system based on Replication Server.
  • Bibit B.V. (an e-commerce services company in Bunnik, The Netherlands). Involved in DBA activities and performance optimisation for an ASE-based system providing 24*7 e-commerce payment services.
  • Fiqas Software B.V. (a software manufacturer in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands). Involved in performance optimisation and DBA activities for the ASE-based telecommunications billing software package ABILLITY TM which is developed and sold by Fiqas.
  • O2 Germany (formerly ViagInterkom GmbH & Co.) (a mobile telecommunications company in Munich, Germany). Involved in troubleshooting and performance optimisation for ASE-based systems for billing (Arbor/BP) and customer care applications.
  • Telfort B.V. (a mobile telecommunications company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). Involved in performance tuning, troubleshooting, application design and data modelling for systems based on Sybase ASE and Sybase Replication Server; including performance optimisation of Arbor/BP billing systems.
  • Nedstaal B.V. (a steel manufacturing plant in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands). During a troubleshooting assignment, identified and fixed a concealed application bug, causing logical data corruption and affecting the steel production process.
  • Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer (the world's second largest flower auction, located in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands). Involvement included investigation and diagnosis of performance problems of ASE-based applications, and defining the DBA environment for production systems.
  • Casema N.V. (a telecommunications company in Delft, The Netherlands). Investigated and diagnosed performance problems in Sybase ASE-based applications.
  • Sony (an international consumer electronics company in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands). Resolved performance problems with a critical batch job, cutting back processing time by more than 250%.
  • European Space Agency (Spain & The Netherlands). During a number of years in various satellite-related projects, provided project support and management support, both Sybase-specific and in other areas.
  • Sybase Professional Services (The Netherlands). As senior consultant, provided consultancy services to SPS customers in areas like performance optimisation, migration and DBA environment setup, as well as teaching technical training courses.

Publications - Books
Published the following books: Publications - ISUG Journal
Published various articles in the "ISUG Journal". These articles can be found here.

Conference presentations
Presented on Sybase-specific topics at various conferences and events from 1998 to 2012. Some of the presentations can be downloaded here.

Career details

2012-current Technical Director, Global Database Solutions at SAP
Working on product direction, strategy, GTM for Sybase ASE.

2005-2012 Technology evangelist at Sybase
Working as technology evangelist for the engineering dept. of Sybase, Inc. Main focus on Sybase data management products such as Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ and Sybase Replication Server.

1997-2005 Sybase consulting
Delivered specialised, high-level Sybase consulting to a variety of financial and industrial companies in The Netherlands and other countries. Responsibilities included:
  • Troubleshooting Sybase-based applications and -environments;
  • Identifying and resolving Sybase-related performance problems;
  • Advising implementation projects on database-specific aspects;
  • Data modelling and system design;
  • Planning and implementation of Sybase migrations (version 10 => 11);
  • Emergency DBA jobs (e.g. resolving corruption problems, etc.);
  • Data recovery;
  • Definition, setup and auditing of DBA environments;
  • Team-leadership responsibilities in Sybase-related implementation and maintenance environments;
  • Advisor to IT-management on Sybase-related issues.

1991-1998 Freelance consultant at ESA/ISO
Participated in various projects related to the European Space Agency's ISO (Infrared Space Observatory) satellite mission as a freelance consultant. This included the operational phase of the ISO mission (1995-1998), located in Madrid (Spain), and the design- and implementation projects (1991-1995), both at Estec in Noordwijk (The Netherlands). Responsibilities included:
  • Database Administrator for the Sybase database system which was part of the satellite's scientific data product archive.
  • Design and implementation of the satellite scientific data product archive, using Pioneer CD-R/CD-ROM jukeboxes, Tracer jukebox management software, and Kodak CD-R disk transporter robots. The archive had more than 1 Terabyte of data available on-line.
  • Design and implementation of the ISO telemetry processing systems, which process raw satellite telemetry.

1991 Freelance consultant at ESA/EXOSAT
Worked for the European Space Agency's EXOSAT scientific X-ray satellite observatory at Estec in Noordwijk (NL), to design and implement an archive system, to store EXOSAT spacecraft telemetry, onto an HP optical disk jukebox. Part of the work was performed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland (USA).

1986 - 1990 Software Engineer for Logica B.V.
Worked as a software engineer on various projects for Logica B.V., a software company based in Rotterdam (NL). Involved in projects for different types of software systems, in areas such as industrial automation, OLTP and administrative automation.

1982 - 1986 HTS Den Haag (The Netherlands)
Attained degree in information technology (in Dutch: Ingenieur Hogere Informatika) covering a wide range of topics in software engineering and computer science.

Information for Recruiters
Please note that I have suspended my consulting activities as of February 2005.

Also, please note the following:
  • I am currenty not looking for permanent employment positions.

  • I am not available as a Unix administrator, nor for maintaining Stratus applications, even though these individual words indeed appear on my CV (it's amazing how many recruiters only seem to be doing a web search for some specific keywords, and then ignore the context in which these words appear!).

  • Please don't ask me for an updated copy of my CV/resume -- it's all here on this page; just scroll up...

  • Probably the second most frequent question I get from recruiters is whether I know anyone who's suitable for a certain position. My answer: maybe I do, but I won't pass names of individuals to third parties -- I would have to ask those individuals' permission first, and this would all take too much time.
    Sometimes I might forward a recruiter's email to DBAs who are looking for a new position or project, but this is purely on an informal basis -- no guarantees.

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