Last updated: 27 March 2011
Fun about Sybase and its competitors
This page contains some attemps to make fun of Sybase and its competitors -- or whatever else could count as 'fun'.

Please note that the information on this page was created by members of the Sybase community and is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Sybase, Inc.

If you have a great (and funny) idea, I'll be glad to add it to this page.

SQL poetry and other fancy SQL stuff
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SQL injection explained
Type:external web site
"What Sybase DBA's are really like..."
Author:Yuval Malchi
Last updated:01 August 2004
"ASE DBA certification questions"
Type:external web site
Author:"Foo Educational Institute"
(Actually, the above page seems to have disappeared. If anyone knows if it's still online somewhere, please let me know)

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