Last updated: 26 January 2020
Quick introduction to ASE:
Where to find ASE documentation
All Sybase ASE manuals can be downloaded from the SAP website as PDF documents. The official ASE documentation is located here.
I especially recommend the following ASE manuals:
  • "Transact-SQL User's Guide" - a good overview of ASE's T-SQL language.
  • "System Administration Guide" - for those things a DBA needs to know...
  • "Reference Manual" - this contains all commands, system stored procedures, and more...
  • "Performance & Tuning Guide" - contains a lot of information about, well, Performance & Tuning...
Documentation for older ASE versions (like 11.0) is no longer available since the Sybase documentation website transferred to

Another suggestion:

For other ASE-related books, follow this link.

Even with the ASE documentation, you may sometimes run into problems. Go here for some suggestions where to find answers and get help.

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