Last updated: 09 October 2011
Where to get a free copy of enterprise-grade Linux
Sybase ASE has free editions available for Linux, as well as for other platforms.

Although Linux is an open-source product, it isn't always as free as you might have hoped: enterprise versions of RedHat and SUSE cost at least a few hunderd US$, for example (this usually includes a certain amount of technical support).

Mirror of Linux distributions
First, a pretty complete mirror of all Linux distros is available at -- as well as in many other places.

CentOS Linux
A great free distro that's essentially identical to RedHat Enterprise Linux is CentOS Linux.
Sybase ASE should run without problems on CentOS Linux (don't forget to increase shmmax -- when in doubt, see Michael Peppler's FAQ and install guide).

(For the record: I have no interests in CentOS whatsoever)

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