Last updated: 07 August 2014
Where to get a free copy of Sybase IQ
Sybase IQ is a commercial software product, so the obvious way to get it is to buy it. Contact your local SAP/Sybase office for details.

But maybe you don't want to spend the money for a full IQ production license, but you would like to run IQ -- for example for evaluating IQ for development, or for preparing yourself for an IQ certification exam. You can get a free copy of IQ as outlined below.
Note that it is legally not allowed to run production systems on these free versions of IQ, including the IQ Express Edition (unlike the ASE Express Edition, for which this is allowed).

To get a free copy of Sybase IQ, these are your options (NB: the link below was updated in August 2014 to point to the new locations at
  • A free Express Edition of IQ 16.0 for Linux/Intel and Windows (all 64-bit only) can be downloaded here. The IQ Express Edition 5 Gb of data space, and most (not all) IQ options are included. Important: there is no time limit as with the evaluation version of IQ (below).

For IQ product documentation, go here.
Also, check out my IQ quick reference guide - I guarantee you'll find it useful.

Other free Sybase products
Some other Sybase-related evaluation/trial versions:

Get yourself a free copy of enterprise-grade Linux
Since free versions of Sybase IQ are available for Linux (see above), you may want to get a free enterprise-grade version of Linux as well. More information is here.

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