Last updated: 21 July 2013
Errata for 'The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide' (1st edition)
No book is perfect... the following typos have been found in the The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide (1st edition).

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pages 19: -zo switch
The table names sa_tmp_request_time and sa_tmp_request_profile should be satmp_request_time and satmp_request_profile instead (i.e. without the initial underscore).

pages 36, 38, 71, 84, 125: page number for electronic supplement
On the above-mentioned pages, the electronic supplement mentioned with a reference to page #10. This should be page #8.

page 43: create multiplex server
The syntax of create multiplex server mentions secondary-node-name, but the description speaks of server-name instead. This is about the same name, referring to the name of the new secondary server.

page 68: string_rtruncation option
The first line says off (=default). However, as indicated in subsequent lines, the default in IQ 15.x is on; only in pre-15 was the default off.

page 69: varchar/varbinary datatypes
The actual length of varchar and varbinary is not 1..n (where n is the length of the declared column), but n+1. This is because IQ stores all datatypes as fixed-width values, include varchar and varbinary which require 1 additional byte to store the actual column length.

page 99: select...limit...offset...
In 15.4, to use the select...limit...offset... syntax, the limit keyword must be enabled first with option reserved_keywords (i.e. set [temporary] option public.reserved_keywords = 'limit'; NB: this option is new in 15.4 and applies only to the limit keyword).

page 116: transaction handling examples
In the examples of transaction handling at page 116, the comments mention three times "@@trancount goes from 0 to 1". This should be "@@trancount goes from 1 to 0".

page 127: case expression
The description says "case can be used to implement if-then-else logic within a T-SQL statement", but this applies to Watcom SQL just as well. So "T-SQL" should be changed to "SQL".

page 131: IQ limits
For item "max. memory per server (32-bit)" (5th from bottom), the footnote should be (3), not (2).

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