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"The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide"

"The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide" is a pocket reference for Sybase IQ, Sybase's analytics database. This book will be similar to my well-known quickrefs for ASE and Replication Server.

  • Covers IQ versions 15.0, 15.1 15.2, 15.3 & 15.4
  • Includes the latest IQ version (15.4)
  • Covers most commands, options, startup switches and background info you'll need in practice.

  • 143 pages, including a 12-page index
  • Additional blank page for notes
  • Fits in your pocket: 11*22 cm (4.3*8.6")
  • Especially for heavy users, this book has an extra-strong binding

  • Written by Rob Verschoor, author of the popular quick reference guides for ASE and Replication Server

  • ISBN 978-90-806117-0-2
  • Download a preview (incl. table of contents) (PDF format; 685 KB)
The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide; click to enlarge

About the author
This book is written by Rob Verschoor, Certified DBA for RepServer and ASE, author of the popular ASE book "Tips, Tricks & Recipes for Sybase ASE" and of "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" and "The Complete Sybase Replication Server Quick Reference Guide".
Those who are familiar with Rob's other quickref guides for ASE and RepServer will know what to expect: a complete, detailed, well-organised quick reference guide, aimed at maximum practical usefulness.

Where to buy ?
"The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide" is available from (with secure credit card payment). Orders from most countries accepted.
Information on price, discounts, shipping and distributors is here.

Reader comments
A review published in the ISUG Journal can be read here. In addition, these are some comments by readers who own the "The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide":

" Prior to The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide, all we had for Sybase IQ knowledge were nearly 4,000 pages of manuals hiding various parts of sought-after facts among scattered pieces of information.Rob has distilled the key IQ information down to 144 pages, and added to this knowledge by gluing bits of published text and sometimes undocumented facts into a complete picture of the topic under review. Without Rob's compact and inclusive guide, you would have no doubt gone through endless trials to arrive at his expert-level knowledge of the subject.
Rob's guide matches the quality we've all seen first-hand in his other two guides for the Sybase Replication Server and Sybase ASE. The Complete Sybase IQ Quick Reference Guide is sure to be re-read many times, particularly when a seemingly impossible or puzzling task confronts you. This book is told just right in my opinion. "

Mark Gearhart

" The IQ quick reference guide is the first truly useful IQ book I found. It is of the same high level as Rob's guides on ASE and Replication Server "

Onno van der Linden
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

" Rob combines his keen style of delivery with his technical arsenal of Sybase IQ knowledge to provide DBA’s exactly what they need to know while leaving out what they don’t. The result is a fantastic and priceless resource for both the Sybase IQ administrator and developer alike. I would recommend everyone add a "little pink" to their library shelf! "

Kevin Sherlock

(Please note that the above statements represent the opinions of these individual DBAs, and not of their respective employers)

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