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Last updated: 28 August 2005
A New Generation of ASE System Stored Procedures
Welcome to the "New Generation ASE System Stored Procedures" (SSPs). These System Stored Procedures (SSPs) are unlike any stored procedures you've seen before: a must-have for any Sybase DBA !

To read about the background and architecture of these SSPs, check out the article " A New generation of ASE System Stored Procedures" as published in the 3rd Quarter Issue 1999 of the ISUG Technical Journal. In case you're not receiving this magazine, the full article text is also available here.
A PDF version of the original publication can also be downloaded from here.

Download the software from here . Note that this software is copyrighted freeware, and certain conditions apply.

Further information
Manual pages are available for these stored procedures; there is also a FAQ. Please let me know your suggestions, comments, etc.

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