Sybase ASE
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Last updated: 28 August 2005
Download the "New Generation ASE System Stored Procedures"
Download and installation
Download the software from here (about 75Kb). Updated Aug-2005: support for ASE 15.0 added.

Then decompress the downloaded file, and install the file, with isql using a login having both sa_role and sso_role (typically the sa login) :
isql -Usa -Ppassword -Sservername -i new_ssp.120.sql
This will create a number of stored procedures, as well as some small tables, in the sybsystemprocs database.

The above examples assumes that you're running ASE 12.0 or later. For ASE 11.9 or earlier, use new_ssp.119.sql instead; for ASE 15.0, use new_ssp.150.sql. instead.

Installation requirements
You need at least ASE version 10 to use these stored procedures; also, you'll need at least 3Mb free space in the sybsystemprocs database.

Further information
There are manual pages for the stored procedures, as well as a FAQ . Please send your suggestions, comments, etc. to .

Copyright Note & Disclaimer
Please be aware of the copyright and legal issues which apply to these stored procedures; see for details of these conditions.

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