Last updated: 24 May 2018
Sypron BV Privacy Policy
Sypron BV is committed to your privacy.
First and foremost, any personal information we have about you will not be made available to any third party. Period.

As mandated by the European Union's GDPR, we need to describe here how we deal with your personal information: this page describes Sypron BV's privacy policy.
The person responsable for all matters related to personal information stored by, provided to, or otherwise obtained by Sypron BV, is: Rob Verschoor, Sypron BV, Het Wolfseind 24, 3823VS, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

What personal information do we have?
Personal information may be obtained by Sypron BV in the following ways:
  • By submitting your email address at in order to subscribe to the mailinglist
  • By ordering books at, which requires you to specify your name, address, zip code, city, country and email address (for which you may optionally indicate you want to subscribe to the mailinglist as well), as well as details of the products you ordered. In addition, the credit card brand (eg. Visa, Amex, etc.), IP address and browser type with which you placed your order are recorded and stored.
  • By sending email to

What personal information do we NOT have?
Sypron BV does not use any cookies on its web site,, with one excpetion.
That exception, which is the only exception, is when you place an order at in that case, due to our use of Adyen for our payment handling, your browser must accept cookies from and If you're choosing a 3rd-party payment method such as Germany's DirectEbanking(Sofortüberweisung), you may need to allow cookies for that too.
If you are just browsing> without placing an online order, no cookies are used.

Our ISP logs each access to on, thus giving us the IP address where the request came from (not that we do anything with that information).

As a matter of principle, Sypron BV does not keep the original emails, nor any hardcopies of documents, that contain credit card details:
  • From online purchases at, any credit card details other than the card brand (eg. Visa, Amex, etc.) are not recorded. In fact, at no point in time do we even have access to your credit card number, your card's expiration date or other card details. Our payments are handled by Adyen ( and Adyen just does not make these credit card details available to us. That kinda keeps it simple...
  • In cases where customers send us their credit card details to order books, we will use this information to place the order, and then destroy the card details immediately as described below. When sent by email, the email is printed and the original email is permanently deleted. Printed emails, hardcopy letters or faxes containing credit card information, are photocopied with the card details blacked out, and copy -with the credit card details thus unreadable- are stored for regular administrative purposes. The originals (with blacked out details) are destroyed by tearing 'm up into little pieces and throwing then into the thrash.

What do we use personal information for
Personal information obtained by Sypron BV will only be used for the following purposes:
  • By sending mailing list updates to your email address, about topics such as updates at, or new books, etc.
  • To administrate your orders, and offer you discounts etc. on future orders
  • To respond to emails sent to

Updating your personal information
To find out what personal information Sypron BV has about you, please contact In case any of the personal information we have about you is incorrect, you can ask us to update it.

Removing your personal information
If you wish to remove your email address from the mailing list, follow the 'unsubscribe' instructions at

All personal information is considered confidential and handled as such.
Sypron BV stores all personal information with technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure. Please note that no computer system or information system can ever be fully protected against every possible hazard, but we do our best to provide reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect your personal information against foreseeable hazards.

Changes to this Policy
Any future changes to this privacy policy will be posted on

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