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Last updated: 11 June 1999
ASE talks to you
In Sybase ASE 11.5, two new powerful features have been added : CIS (Component Integration Services, previously known as OmniConnect) and XP Server. Here is a demo application to illustrate some of the capabilities of CIS and XP.

The aim is to execute a stored procedure inside ASE, which pops up a window to the user, takes input, passes this back into the server, and stores it in a table.
While this may not be the best way of building a real-life system, this serves to demonstrate that it's possible to set up 2-way traffic to the OS or the user, while all is under control of the stored procedure. What makes this special is that the stored procedure executes inside ASE, and still interacts directly with the user. In a normal application, this interaction would be controlled by the client application.
This demo is implemented using a little Java application which pops up the window. This Java program is kicked off by XP server, passing it command-line arguments telling it what to do. The user input is passed back into the server by capturing the output into a proxy table using CIS features.

The motto of this demo is : "if you can do this, you can do anything..."

Here you can download all scripts and sources required to run this demo yourself. This was successfully tested on Solaris and Windows NT. You'll need JDK 1.1 or later.

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