Last updated: 30 September 2019
The Complete SAP ASE Quick Reference Guide
7th edition (covers ASE 15.x & 16.0 SP03)

Available now: 7th edition (covers ASE 15.x & 16.0 SP03):

  • Updated for ASE 15.x & 16.0 SP03
  • Written by Rob Verschoor, Certified DBA for SAP ASE, SAP Replication Server and SAP IQ
  • ISBN 978-90-806117-1-9 (90-806117-1-9)
The Complete SAP ASE Quick Reference Guide; click to enlarge

A unique Guide for ASE
This book is the only real ASE Quick Reference Guide that's available. It contains all commands, functions, procedures and other information you might need when working with ASE. It includes full command syntax, command descriptions and examples, as well as a selection of useful undocumented commands. There's also a handy 21-page index that is designed to help you quickly find the topic you're looking for.
It's probably the most useful book any ASE DBA or developer could want to have, and it got some good reviews. Check out some comments by DBAs who use this book...

Some highlights from "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide":
What about the previous editions ?
The previous editions are sold out and won't be reprinted. They have been replaced by the 7th edition which also covers up to ASE 16.0 SP03.

Where to buy ?
"The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" is available from (using secure credit card payment). Orders from most countries accepted.
Information on price, discounts, shipping and distributors is here.

Reader comments...
Here's a small selection from the many comments by readers who own the "The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide":

"I get no kickback from Rob's book so the following recommendation is clean: the book rocks! Think of it as a distilled reference book, the only one you'll ever need to jog the brain once you've learned all there is to learn about Sybase!"

Pablo Sanchez
Blueoak Database Engineering,
Nederland, CO (USA)

"This book is really useful for both DB Administration and development, actually I am using it now for quick reference instead of Sybooks. It is a bible."

Fouad Sidawi
Damascus (Syria)

"I recently bought a copy of your ASE Quick Reference Guide, and I want you to know that it has quickly become my most valuable reference book. It is easy to use, well organized, and profoundly useful. I recommend it heartily, especially to people who are new to Sybase and DBA work.
Congratulations and thank you for this important work. It has made me more productive and it has made my job easier!"

John Mirabile
Los Angeles, CA (USA)

"Your ASE Quick Reference Guide is simply the best! Thanks a million. Your guide is like my bible, and I hate to do without it. "

Brian Sousa
Tokyo (Japan)

"I have gotten a lot of good use out of the Quick Reference Guide. It was money well spent!"

John C. Langston
Broken Arrow, OK (USA)

"Thank you very much for writing this invaluable book! I only wish you'd have written it 5 years earlier -- I'm using it so often that I don't understand how I could work without it."

Jeremy Craig
London (UK)

"Your ASE Quick Reference Guide is great. It is very useful that the commands are "GROUPed BY" topic; also the index is very useful. I think every ASE DBA should have this book!"

Dieter Bergmann
Stuttgart (Germany)

"Your book fills an important gap in the Sybase documentation available... practically you did what the "mother ship" was supposed to do. This book is undoubtely one of the rare ones which will not gather dust on the shelf, and an invaluable aid for any Sybase DBA."

Stefan Giuros
Bucharest (Romania)

"I have found the "Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide" to be the best Sybase pocket reference that I have ever used, and it is much better indexed, more complete and easier to use than virtually any other Sybase ASE reference I have ever used. In an emergency, without manuals or online references, this reference has enough information for a moderately proficient Sybase DBA to perform virtually any task for ASE management."
"I felt so strongly about the value of the reference and its value and convenience as far as size and amount of information, that I bought one for every DBA in my group out of my own pocket, and I have passed the references on to some of my friends and former colleagues as well."

Brandon Smith
Palatine, IL (USA)

(Please note that the above statements represent the opinions of these individual DBAs, and not of their respective employers)

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