Last updated: 19 January 2003
Errata for 'The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide' (1st edition)
No book is perfect...
The following typos have been found in the 1st edition of The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide (covers ASE 11.9 & 12.0). Errata for other editions are here.

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Please note: this list is not maintained any longer since January 2003.

Full list, ordered by page number:

page 10: ltrim()
In the example, "rtrim" should be replaced by "ltrim". Otherwise, the example is correct.

page 11: upper()
In the example, "lower" should be replaced by "upper". Otherwise, the example is correct.

page 12: lct_admin("abort",...) examples
In the two examples of lct_admin("abort",...), the word "kills" should be replaced by "aborts" (meaning that only the suspended tranactions are aborted, but the sessions are not killed).

page 16: min()
"highest" should be changed to "lowest".

page 16: select...into
select...into does not mention the possibility of adding a new identity column in the select list (see page 29 for details).

pages 18, 20, 21: Reference to section "Identity columns"
The references to the section "Identity columns" incorrectly mentions page 18; this should be page 28 instead.

page 19: alter table...add
The syntax in the example is specific for ASE 12.0. The example should be changed as follows:
(11.9) alter table my_table add col_d int NULL, col_e int NULL
(12.0) alter table my_table add col_d int NULL 
                            add col_e int default 1

page 20: Reference to section "Referential Integrity Constraints"
Just before the alter table..modify statement, the reference to the section "Referential Integrity Constraints" incorrectly mentions page 18; this should be page 22 instead.

page 22: ignore_dup_key
The description of ignore_dup_key should be changed to:
"for unique indexes only, when a duplicate index key would result from an insert or bcp-in, that row is rejected. Other rows inserted by the statement or by bcp remain inserted, and the statement continues. updates are not affected. When creating the index, there must be no duplicate key values"

page 24: concurrency_opt_threshold
"vlaue" should be "value".

page 28: sp_configure "allow nested triggers"
This configuration option is static, and not dynamic as stated.

page 29: select..into (with identity columns)
The phrase "This effectively adds a sequence number to the existing rows." should be replaced by "This effectively adds a sequence number to the selected rows."

page 30: case expression
In the first example, a "0" has dropped out: "case when a > 0 then b/a when a < then -1" should be "case when a > 0 then b/a when a < 0 then -1".

page 31: waitfor
In the description, the words delay and time have accidentally been mixed up and should be interchanged, so that delay waits for the specified interval and time waits until the specified time. Otherwise, the description is correct.

page 36: "/*" and "*/" comment delimiters
The words "they cannot be nested" should be "they can be nested" (this is a typo which reverses the meaning of these words, making it incorrect).

page 37: sp_hidetext
The words " the source code is visible through " should be changed to " the source code is not visible through ".

page 37: sp_syntax
It should be added that when sp_syntax is used on a T-SQL command, the T-SQL command should be enclosed in quotes. Example: sp_syntax "select".

page 38: set fipsflagger
The words "set fipsflaggerset" should be changed to "set fipsflagger".

page 38: set statistics subquerycache
The word subquery_cache should be changed to subquerycache.

page 42: sp_dboption ... "trunc log on chkpt"
In the description of the "trunc log on chkpt" option, the word "issues" should be changed to "issued".

page 43: load transaction ... for standby_access
The option for standby_access should be removed (this option belongs with online database instead).

page 44: quiesce database
The phrase:
"by suspending all activity and temporarily rolling back any active transactions"
should be replaced by:
"by suspending all disk write activity and conceptually rolling back any active transactions until the corresponding 'quiesce database...release' command".

page 48: set role
An accolade has been misplaced in the syntax. It should be "set role role_name { [ with passwd password ] on | off }".

page 57: sp_configure with the "verify" option
In the description of the "verify" option, the words "to the values" should be removed.

page 60: sp_dbcc_summaryreport
In later versions of 12.0, an additional date/time parameter appears to have been introduced, which limits the results to those before that date/time. For those versions, the syntax is:
        [db_name [,date 

page 60: Setting up the 'dbccdb' database
In step 3, "<number>" should be <number> (i.e. the quotes should be removed).

page 60: Setting up the 'dbccdb' database
In step 4 (creating a dedicated named cache): after running sp_cacheconfig, ASE should be restarted before proceeding.

page 62: dbcc tune(doneinproc)
The words "suppression of" should be deleted (this is a typo which unfortunately reverses the meaning of the sentence, making it incorrect).

page 63: dbcc corrupt
The following sentence should be added: "This command is intended to help testing software for detecting database corruptions."

page 69: sp_autoconnect
The following line should be added:
"Note: be careful when using sp_autoconnect for logins with sa_role or sso_role".

page 70: create existing table
In the example, "create existing table my_proxy" should be "create existing table my_proxy (a int)"

page 77: sp_copy_all_qplans
"sp_copy_all_qplan" should be "sp_copy_all_qplans".

page 79: dataserver
The command-line option for dataserver to specify the directory containing the 'interfaces' file is described as -I (= capital 'i'). This should be changed to -i (= lowercase 'i').

page 82: optdiag
The "common options" (e.g. -S, -U, etc) should be moved two lines down, so that it comes after the line specifying the table name and before the -o option.

page 82: ASE environment variables
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH also applies to Linux (not only to Solaris and Compaq Unix as stated).

page 85: Issues with BCP-in
The phrase "in 12.0, triggers may exist must have been disabled (...)" should be "in 12.0, triggers may exist but must have been disabled (...)".

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