Last updated: 12 August 2005
Errata for 'The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide' (3rd edition)
No book is perfect...
The following typos have been found in the 3rd edition of The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide (covers ASE 12.0, 12.5, 12.5.1 & 12.5.2). Errata for other editions are here.

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Latest addition (12 August 2005):

page 102: @@minsuid, @@minuserid
The values for @@minsuid and @@minuserid should be -32768.

page 48: sp_dboption...'async log service'
The words for servers with = 4 engines should be changed to for servers with at least 4 engines.

page 57: 'grant set proxy...restrict role'
The description of the restrict role clause for grant set proxy is not correct. It should be as follows:

restrict role does not allow executing set proxy login_name to a login having roles that are not already granted to the user running set proxy. In addition, list_of_roles specifies an explicit list of roles that login_name must not have; system means that login_name must not have any system roles; all is similar to system but applies to all roles.

page 61: sp_configure 'global cache partition number'
Settings by sp_configure 'global cache partition number' apply to all data caches, including the default data cache (the current text wrongly suggests the default data cache is not affected).

page 102: @@minsuid, @@minuserid
The values for @@minsuid and @@minuserid should be -32768.

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