Last updated: 07 December 2012
Errata for 'The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide' (5th edition)
No book is perfect...
The following typos have been found in the 5th edition of The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide (covers ASE 12.5, 15.0.3 & Cluster Edition). Errata for other editions are here.

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page 9: Logical operators
The list of logical operators includes =<. This should however be <=. (this error occurs in all previous edititions)

page 10: examples, 3rd line from top
The example is missing '%' before and after the pattern. The correct example is below (this error occurs in all previous edititions):
if @var like '%[^a-zA-Z0-9 ]%' print '@var contains non-letters/digits'

page 11: Date/time formatting for styles 117 & 118
(not an erratum but a clarification)
From ASE versions 15.0 until 15.5 GA, the formatting styles 117 and 118 resulted in a format with year/month/date included, and the 5th edition of my ASE quickref does indicate this behaviour correctly. However, it appeared later that these styles had been incorrectly implemented in 15.0, and this was corrected in 15.5 ESD#1 and later (as well as in recent versions of 15.0.3, e.g. 15.0.3 ESD#4.1). As of those versions, only the time portion is included in the format, as described in the 6th edition of the ASE quickref guide.

page 38: Query to disply triggers and their status
The first line of the query contains sysstat2 & 1048676. This should be sysstat2 & 1048576.

page 115: 'enable monitoring' configuration parameter
The values for enabling/disabling are interchanged. The correct values are: to enable, set to 1, to disable, set to 0 (=default).

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