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Last updated: 02 June 2013
ASE Quiz Questions
This page contains some quiz-type ASE questions to test your ASE knowledge; a little diversion for those moments when there's nothing better to do.
Please note that these questions are not intended as test questions for ASE certification exams: they'll rather be about strange, obscure, bizarre or little-known ASE features. Also, these might well be solutions for which we haven't found a problem yet... (but it might help your certification exam preparations anyway...).

It is my intention to add a new question every month, but sometimes things are just too busy...

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June 2013
Let's say you want to send someone a SQL script to create a login in his ASE server with a password that only you will know -- so you don't want to put the actual password in the script. In other words: keep the password secret for the guy who will receive and run the script.
How can you do that?

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March 2013
Some time ago, I was looking at an issue with the speed of making a database dump, which was unusually slow in a particular Linux system.
What matters here is that we wanted to factor out different aspects to find where the bottleneck was. One such factor is the bandwith/IO capacity of the dump device. Others include the capacity of the ASE data devices being read from; the resources used by the Backup Server itself, etc.

We wanted to see the impact on dump performance if Backup Server was dumping to a device that has no speed limitations. The obvious thing to do is to dump to the NULL device (/dev/null) which is a computer's equivalent of a black hole, and is capable of accepting lots of input very fast by immediately ignoring it all (thus, effectively throwing everything away that is written to the NULL device).
Anyway, when you try to dump to the NULL device, Backup Server raises an error.
Still, this is actually possible. But how?

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