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Last updated: 26 January 2020
ASE Quiz Questions
This page contains some quiz-type ASE questions to test your ASE knowledge; a little diversion for those moments when there's nothing better to do.
Please note that these questions are not intended as test questions for ASE certification exams: they'll rather be about strange, obscure, bizarre or little-known ASE features. Also, these might well be solutions for which we haven't found a problem yet... (but it might help your certification exam preparations anyway...).

It is my intention to add a new question every month, but sometimes things are just too busy...

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January 2020
Recently, I noticed the following lines in an ASE customer's application (the procedure was not called 'myproc', I simplified it for this quiz question):
   if @stat = 3
      exec myproc 

I was confused at first. Does ASE secretely support the IF...ENDIF syntax or there something else going on?

Go here for the answer.

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