Last updated: 30 January 2011
About the Euro currency
The Euro symbol denotes the Euro, the common currency used by more than 330 million people in 17 European countries. The Euro currency may also be indicated by the abbreviation "EUR".

Since January 1st, 2002 the Euro is physically in circulation, and Euro banknotes and coins have replaced the "old" European currencies (such as the French Franc and the German Mark).

Paying in Euros
All prices on this web site are in Euros. No matter in which country you live, you can simply pay in Euros with your creditcard. Your creditcard company will automatically convert the Euro amount to your local currency according to the current exchange rate.
Click here for the current exchange rate of the Euro to your local currency.

US$ vs. Euro
The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Euro varies.
Click here for a rough indication of the current exchange rate of the Euro; the actual conversion rate is determined by your credit company.

More information
More information about the Euro can be found here.

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