Last updated: 06 February 2011
Are you having problems ordering online ?
Online ordering works smoothless for most customers, but sometimes small problems occur. Here are some suggestions for troubleshooting.

Problem: My credit card payment was refused, yet I'm sure my credit card is fine
Sometimes customers complain that their online credit card payment is refused, despite the card being perfectly valid as evidenced by recent use for other purchases.
In many cases, such a refusal comes from the credit card company's systems which have decided not to authorise your payment for anti-fraud reasons. Naturally, they do not share the precise reason for such a refusal, but experience has shown that this is often about detecting 'unusual shopping patterns', which are part of their anti-fraud measures.
For example, a USA-based customer who makes a purchase at is doing an overseas transaction since the payment is processed in Europe. If the customer usually only makes online purchases in North America, this purchase could be deemed 'unusual' and therefore be refused, even though nothing is actually wrong (you've got to appreciate the better-safe-than-sorry approach here).
Much as we'd like to, we cannot clear up such cases, if only because the reason for the refusal is not made known to us.
In our experience, should your payment attempt be refused without a clear reason, the solution is simply that you call your credit card provider. Almost always this quickly get things cleared up and you can try your payment again.

Problem: The payment selection page is not displayed
When everything works fine, you should see a list of accepted credit cards on a secure web page at, which is displayed immediately after filling in and verifying your name and address, and pressing the button "Continue to Secure Payment". Click here for an example of the payment screen.

If you do not see this list of credit cards, but instead you get strange error messages (often including words such as "proxy" of "firewall"), a blank screen, or a browser timeout, this is most likely because you're browsing from behind a proxy server or a firewall, and your network administrator has blocked access to secure web sites.
Talk to your network admin to allow access; otherwise you'll have to place your order from a different network.

Problem: Payment server message: "order already exists"
This message occurs when you press the "Continue to Secure Payment" button for a second time for the same order; for example, after you got into the payment selection screen for the first time, you used the "back" button in the browser to backtrack and change your address data; when you then press the "Continue to Secure Payment" button again, this error will occur.
This message is the result of a safety check that has been built into the payment server to make it impossible that you pay the same order twice. However, the problem is that you can not pay the order anymore now, and you'll have to create a new one by starting here again (the first order will automatically be cancelled).

Problem: I get an 'Oops' screen during the shopping dialog
If the previous point about the HTTP referrer does not apply in your case, you're probably a victim of a glitch of some kind. In most cases, going to and re-entering your order will work fine.
Problems have been reported by some shoppers using the Apple Safari browser. This seems to be linked to older versions of Safari (like version 85.x); for more recent Safari versions (like 125.x), things appear to work fine.
We haven't been able to figure out to exact cause of these problems. Until we find out what's causing this problem, you may need to use a different browser or upgrade your Safari version (if neither is possible, please contact us and we'll try to help you out).

Problem: I don't know if my payment has been accepted
After filling in your credit card details, and pressing the "Submit" button, after no more than about 15 seconds, you should see a screen telling you whether the payment was successful or not.
If you don't see such a screen (for example: your PC crashed, the network broke down, you accidentally closed the browser window, etc.) then it may not be clear whether you have really paid or not. In case of a successful payment, you should immediately receive an email message confirming your payment at the email address you specified along with your address details.
Another way to verify your payment is to check the status of your order.

Problem: I have ordered before, but now my address has changed, or I've moved to different country
If you have ordered before, you do not need to enter your full address again: when you enter your email address in the 'fast checkout' box during the order dialogue, the address you specified last time will be filled in automatically.
If your address has changed, but the country is still the same, you can then simply modify the address details and complete the order dialogue: the new address details will be stored.
If you have moved to a different country, the above procedure will not work since the country cannot be changed in that way. In this case, leave the 'fast checkout' box blank, and select your new country from the list; then follow the dialogue and specify your new address and your old email address. If you have any discounts pending these will be granted automatically since they are coupled to your email address.
If your email address has changed, first see the next point.

Problem: I have ordered before, but my email address has changed
You cannot change your email address in our database yourself. If this is required, please send us a request (don't forget to specify your old email address...)

If the above information doesn't solve your problem, or if you are having any other problems, please let us know.

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