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Sybase-related WWW links
This page has some links to useful information about ASE or Sybase.
Please note that, insofar these sites promote any products or services, the presence of links to these sites on this page does not constitute an endorsement of those products or services by Rob Verschoor/Sypron B.V. (with the exception of the Sybase products, which I do endorse).


Frequently requested Sybase reference documents
These are links to some Sybase reference documents that will answer many frequently asked questions:
  • A new whitepaper describing the feature known as 'Compatibility Mode', which is included in ASE version 15.0.3 ESD#1 (released March 2009).
  • The new "ASE 15 Optimizer Best Practices" whitepaper: a must-read when you're upgrading to ASE 15.
  • Main ASE page in the SAP Help Portal is here.
  • The ASE "Targeted Release Schedule" (i.e. upcoming EBFs and IRs; includes lists of planned bugs to be fixed), for ASE 15.7 and ASE 16.0. (SMP login required)
  • ASE (server) Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for various hardware/OS platforms, I/O devices, etc. For ASE 15.7 or ASE 16.0.
    Main entry point to PAM is here.
    (SMP login required)

Other documentation sources
Some other places where you can find useful information about ASE:
  • White Sands Technology, Inc. has published two whitepapers about data fragmentation and database corruption. Although these whitepapers are oriented towards some of White Sands' own products, they also contain some useful general information.

Query tools
ASE comes with the query tools isql (ASCII, all platforms), SQLAdvantage (GUI, Windows only) and -in ASE 15.0- dbISQL (GUI, Java-based). For those who are not satisfied with these tools, there are some alternatives :
  • Göran Schwarz' sqlw,
    'sqlw' is a handy query tool (from the author of ASETune, an ASE performance monitoring tool)
  • "sqsh" (a great isql replacement):
    An ASCII query tool for ASE. "sqsh" is much better than isql -- in fact, some DBAs say they cannot work without sqsh anymore. For sqsh tricks, go here.
    NB: the old site is no longer related to 'sqsh' (as you'll see when you visit)
  • iSQL-Viewer:
    iSQL-Viewer is a free GUI query tool with some really handy features that can be used with ASE as well as other databases. It's JDBC-based and runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Aqua Data Studio:
    A Java-based freeware GUI query tool for ASE as well as many other databases. Note that more recent versions appear to require licensing.
  • "Orac":
    Orac is a multi-platform, multi-database aware, open source database administration tool written in perl/Tk. Despite the name, there's no inherent association with Oracle behind this.
  • Thomas Gagne's 'is' tool:
    This tool is another isql replacement. It can return a result set as HTML or XML (also as plain text), as well as read the ASE login name & password from a cookie. It works well, but you'll have to compile it yourself - YMMV.

Miscellaneous tools
Some useful ASE-related tools (these are all located on external websites; for some tools located at, go here):
  • Göran Schwarz' ASETune and sqlw,
    ASETune is a great tool for monitoring ASE Performance - highly recommended!; in addition there is 'sqlw', a handy query tool.
  • Nicolas Gouteux' SQL Browser,
    SQL Browser is a development/debugging tool for ASE stored procedures. As one of its features, it can automatically check for SQL constructs that must be changed when migrating to ASE 15.
  • Brad Wery's QweryBuilder,
    Brad Wery(of TeamSybase) has created a database development tool that supports -among others- ASE.
  • Ed Barlow's Generic Enterprise Manager (GEM):
    Ed has created an enterprise management tool -- probably the first to provide such functionality for ASE installations. If I were still a DBA, I think I'd want to have this.
    Recommended. (Oh, and it supports MS-SQL as well).
    SQL Effects have a product called "SQL Effects Clarity", which lets you compare database schemas; it supports all versions of ASE.

Sybase ASE vs. other DBMSs
For those ASE DBAs who are unable to avoid that other database brand...
  • Sybase ASE 15 vs. MySQL 5.0 performance comparison
    Describes comparitive TPC test results between ASE 15.0 and MySQL 5.0. A useful document if you need ammunition in favour of ASE.
    Warning: this page is NOT recommended. It may look like a comprehensive Sybase-to-Oracle comparison, but it's so full of factual errors that it's basically useless. For example, it is stated that 'SQL Server runs only on Windows' and that ASE doesn't have an equivalent of bulk insert. Even the Oracle side of this reference isn't fully correct. The author also seems to have mixed up Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere and Microsoft SQL Server.

News, information and user forums
For keeping in touch with the rest of the world...
  • Sybase-related newsgroups exist at Sybase's own news server:
    The public newsgroups are a great place to ask your questions. These forums are followed by Sybase engineers and TeamSybase members (among others), so there's a good chance of getting the right answer to your question.

    In March 2013, the public Sybase newsgroups at were closed down. This was the result of the acquisition of Sybase by SAP in 2010, and the forums moved to SAP's Community Network (SCN) at You need to register before you can post questions at SCN, but this is free & easy (see
    For most Sybase users, the new location is This is part of the SCN community for non-SAP users of ASE.
    For users of SAP applications (e.g. SAP Business Suite) that run on Sybase ASE, there is a separate community, and its forums are at

    The existing messages in the NNTP newsgroups were not migrated. See the next item for how to access the newsgroup archive.

    NB: the classic Usenet newgroup comp.databases.sybase used to have little traffic, but there seems to be a small increase since Sybase's own newsgroups were closed down.
  • SAP/Sybase ASE mailing list:
    Many folks who were subscribed to the mailing lists at the old, appear to be no longer on SAP's mailing lists (there's complex story here about cross-border data privacy policies).
    As a result many such Sybase-interested folks are no longer receiving ASE-related news or invites to ASE webcasts and events.
    If you wonder why it's been so quiet in your inbox lately, I strongly suggest you re-subscribe yourself to the SAP mailing list here.
  • ISUG:
    (Independent SAP Technical User Group, formerly: International Sybase User Group)

    You should become an ISUG member if you're not - it's great value for money.

Miscellaneous links
As the title says....
  • Lev Selector's web site,
    Contains useful pointers for various IT-related topics. I often use this site when looking for info about something...
  • Pal's Linux RDBMS Library,
    Various links to resources about RDBMS and Linux stuff... as the name suggests.

Sybase resources (non-English)

    The old location of my blog at The Sybase blogs have been closed down at the start of 2013 and moved to SAP SCN (see above).


Please follow this link to my page about Sybase-related books.

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